Balaton lake, Hungary, a picture with Gyula Katona, August 2010.
A picture with Andras Gyarfas, Budapest, August 2010.
Sandbjerg Manor, Denmark, celebrating Carsten Thomassen's birthday August 2008.
Sandbjerg Manor, Denmark, a picture with Bjarne Toft, August 2008.
Graphs and Algorithms, Levico Terme, Italy, October 2007.
Enumeration and Probabilistic Methods in Combinatorics, CRM, Barcelona, June 25 - 29.
IPM Combinatorics Conference II , IPM, Tehran, April 2006: On the left Shahriari, Dinitz and Wilson are seen.
Istanbul, September 2006
A picture with Amin Shokrollahi.
Mathematics department, IASBS
High Tatras, North of Slovakia, September 2005
Strbski Pleza, High Tatras, North of Slovakia
Cieszyn: a common city between Poland and Check republic, the river is the border (September 2006)
La Rambla, Barcelona (September 2005)
Istanbul: Asian side in Bosfor (September 2006)
Institute Leibniz, Grenoble November 2004: Myriam Preissmann , Andras Sebo, Fredric Maffray and me
University of Paris-sud, Orsay, December 2004
Workshop of Combinatorics, Linear Algebra and Graph Coloring in IPM 2003, Front Row: R. Brualdi, C. Thomassen, R. Wilson, P. Cameron, Ch. Johnson and me
Visiting the Eifel tower in a very cold day
A picture with Ali Mostafazadeh, September 2006 Istanbul