I am interested in studying ethics and its relationships with culture and psychology, general theory of typology, typology of mathematicians and scientists, typology of personality using "perception and behavior", typology in ethical issues, history and philosophy of science and mathematics.
The following is the list of papers and talks:

1. Necessity in Wittgenstein and an analysis in the domain of ethics, Philosophical Newsletter, 18 (2009) page 11 Philosophical Newsletter (in Farsi).

2. On memory, loyalty and typology in Ethics using Jungian functions of mind, Philosophical Meditations, Vol. 3, No. 9, Spring 2013.

One of the main problems in moral philosophy is the question about the influence of determinism in moral attitude and behavior of mankind. Determinism is therefore worth studying both for the thought that believes in freedom in moral actions and the one that believes in the crucial role of determinants in moral issues. Psychological and physiological determinants are among the main topics in determinism. This paper first studies some psychic and cognitive functions of human mind as introduced by C. G. Jung. Then it presents an analysis of the concepts of time, memory and loyalty and shows the relationship between these concepts and the Jungian psychic functions. It argues that loyalty, as a virtue based on memory, is bound up with cognitive characteristics and potentials of mind. It also introduces the cognitive index for ethical attitude and vision. In this direction it also introduces the concept of ethical rigidity as a part of human thought and action. In history of thought, certain thinkers have already used some temperament theories and extended their application toward ethical attitudes of human. The difference between the old, classic methods and the one presented in this paper comes from the fact that a personality typology theory based on human intrinsic mind and brain cognitive functions is being introduced here.

3. Philosophization in Mathematics (in Farsi) to be published in a book by Kharazmi university Philosophization in Mathematics.

4. Typology of knowing subjects and revisiting care vs. justice ethics using Jungian concepts, manuscript 2014.

5. The importance of differentiated mind cognitive functions for education with emphasis on mathematics and science, Kharazmi university, October 2014.

6. Personality typology and applications, a book in preparation.

7. Translation of "Measure of Time" by Jules Henri PoincareMeasure of Time.